About Us

Visioning craftsmanship to reveal your mysterious thoughts

Vision this. We can make all hidden ideas come true.



We are trying to use Myth Optical to let the uneasy crowd appreciate themselves without the need of getting approval from the society. While eyewear is not only an accessory but also a statement of personal identity.


Myth is inspired after Greek Mythology and a collection was named under the Gods on Mount Olympus, each piece is a statement of a character and lifelong story. To choose a frame is to choose an identity.


Myth is not attempting to reinvent classics, like bringing back the 80s to the 21st century. We are finding new paths in reassuring our new 21st century. A new interpretation of yourself. We encourage the uneasy crowd to open up to the world, and show their specialty while wearing Myth Optical.


We have confidence in our craftsmanship and are capable of creating audacious avant-garde project cause we specialize in eyeglasses for generations. The glasses design goes beyond imagination and brings constant visual pleasure.


Accept your imperfection, be remembered and be missed in your purest way form. , just as Pindarus, the famous Greek lyric poet, said to Tyrant of Syracuse “ Become what you really are ”.